Thank You Dan Harmon!

"Community" is one of the greatest shows on television.
Let's thank the man who brought it to the world.

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<3 Community

thanks from italy!

A best friend hug

To everyone who worked on the show ( I mean EVERYONE ! ) Thank you  very much for the best sitcom on tv since News Radio. I really can’t find the words to express my gratitude for such an amazing show, as well as my sadness for it’s cancellation. I actually wrote in a letter to nbc in 20011 to help stave off cancellation. ( I’d like to think it helped!) I’ve never did that before, probably never will again.

So to cast/crew bring it on in for a best friend hug.

Stay gold pony boy.

Love Jason

Thank You for Introducing me properly to American Pop Culture

Thank You for Introducing me properly to American Pop Culture


Thank You

For finding a loophole and showing the world that TV can still have quality. 

Big thanks

As the title says,big thanks for making a show that instantly puts a smile on my face,a show that will hold up for years to come,a show that i will revisit every year.


One of the best comedy TV shows of all time. Thank you for your hard work and dedication on this masterpiece, Dan! sixseasonsandamovie!

Checking In

Caring about my hero Dan Harmon can be scary. Caring about the 160 people who’ve posted their amazing Thank You’s here can be a horrifying, embarrassing nightmare, at least for me. But if I can’t say it today, when can I say it? I love you guys.

I was born in the early nineties and without US television, so I admit that some jokes of the show escape me. Yet I love Community deeply. I’ll say that for now, it is my favorite TV series of all time.

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You never Britta it.

So first of all, somehow you made it all the way to SOUTH KOREA. Yeah.

Thank you for Britta Perry. I love her for so many reasons, but the biggest one is her insecurity. I thought she was going to be a boring, perfecto girl when the show started, but then she cracked open like a candy shell and revealed all these bruises and scars she had. And the best part about Britta is that she just keeps chugging on in any situation. She taught me that it’s okay to be weak and vulnerable and care about things and do silly pizza dances and ENJOY LIFE, because that’s the way it should be lived.

I don’t think any TV show has ever made me as happy as your show has in the past three years, Dan, and more than that it offered me real wisdom because it came from the heart of somebody who, as it turns out, worries about many of the same things that I do. And judging by how many notes this thing has, a lot of other people do as well. I’ve always enjoyed TV, but it’s never spoken to me. Your show did. And that’s what matters the most to me.

As Britta Perry would say, “DAN HARMON FOR THE WIN.”

Moses - Seoul, South Korea

Hi Fellow Human Beings,

Please take the time out to read about and support Anomalisa, a new project from Dan Harmon, Dino Stamatopoulos, and Charlie Freakin’ Kaufman. It will be a stop animation video made by Starburns Industries written by Mr. Kaufman. I think those 3 names alone in one sentence warrants a look at their Kickstarter page. It will be truly awesome.

Thanks everybody!


Thank you Dan!

Hey there. I’ve started watching Community one week ago and I am completely addicted! 

It’s incredible awesome, completely adorable and fucking lovely! I fell for all the people that made this show one of the best I’ve ever watched and I’ve already watched Friends, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Seinfeld and Two And a Half Man. Christmas and Halloweens specials, The Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne (!!!), Abed.

Paintball, Troy and Abed in the Morning (-nights), forts, blakets and pillows, love, friendship and awesomeness. You made them unique.

So here’s a thanks from Brazil. Brazilians Human Beings love your show (: 

Amanda Leite - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Thank You Dan

I just started watching Community a month ago. I had no idea about the shit that was going on behind the scenes. I have watched a lot of television, especially comedies like How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory. Hell, I’ve even watched Glee. I thank you for pretty much ruining all of those shows for me. After watching all three seasons of Community, my eyes have opened about the quality of television series. I now have hard time to digest shows that have laugh tracks and simple storylines. Community set the bar so high and showed me how good television series can really be that I can’t see the appeal in so-called normal sitcoms anymore. 

I am sad because I found this great show so late, this summer. I had heard about the show a while ago but for some reason started watching it much later. After starting, I could not stop. I spent a whole night watching season 1. I slept for a few hours and then started immediately with season 2. With just a few hours of sleep in between I had watched all of Community. After the final montage in Introduction to Finality I became incredibly sad. I had read about the changes and knew that it was the end of something great. There has never been a tv-show where I could relate to so many characters. It was incredible what this show did to me in just a couple of days. I think I learned something about myself, found power to believe in better times and realized that even the most different backgrounds don’t matter when you find new people to hang out with. Losing you as the showrunner of Community is devastating, a huge loss. Even if the new guys make  an awesome new season of Community, it will be hard to accept it as the same show and it will be sad that your vision was never fully realized. But as an optimistic person, I must be grateful of the three incredible seasons that I can always return to.

Thank you Dan Harmon. Television will never be the same for me, and neither will life.

Mike Bird, Helsinki, Finland.

Thank you, Dan!

I watch TV. I watch a lot of TV. I’m obviously no Abed, but still. And while there’s been many great comedies, Community just tops all of them. There isn’t a single comedy out there whose first episode has ever made me just want to rip my shirt off and scream “GO GREENDALE; GO COMMUNITY!”, but yours did the trick. Obviously this would be of no help since nobody in Germany even knows this show, but thoughts matter. Right?

So what I’m basically trying to say is… you rock, sir. Very much so.