Thank You Dan Harmon!

"Community" is one of the greatest shows on television.
Let's thank the man who brought it to the world.

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Thank You Dan Harmon!

I have never been a person to follow a show or even watch tv really, but Community is seriously the best thing ever. I remember the first episode I saw was the Halloween episode from the second season. Instantly I fell in love with the show. Then I just kept watching more episodes and getting excited for new ones every week. Once again Thank You for creating one of the best things that has ever happened to me.


Jeremy Coleman from Belleville, IL

Thank you, Dan Harmon

For a show that makes me feel, that makes me care about characters. That can be funny and light without being superficial. That is real, that lets us think, and is still a comedy. Thank you for this beautiful, wonderful series. For Jeff and Britta and Annie and Abed and Troy and Shirley and Pierce. For Chang and the Dean. For Greendale. For doing the unexpected, for not letting the fact it was a ‘sitcom’ limit you. Thank you for all the laughter and joy. 

It breaks my heart that it’s coming to an end, I keep hoping it’s all a big mistake. But I am ridiculously glad I got to experience the first three seasons, and I cannot thank you enough for creating them. 

Emily, Melbourne, Australia. 

Thanks Dan!

I know you likely will never read this thank you, but I just thought I should get my feelings and eternal gratitude out there! I can’t possibly describe in words how much your creative genius to Community meant to me, but here it goes!

Like many people, I stumbled across the hidden masterpiece that is Community by accident. My friend told me about it and we watched it in his dorm for hours before I realized I was hooked! I had never truly loved any TV show before I watched your show, but Community changed everything for me. As embarrassing as it was, I actually considered The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men as my two favourite sitcoms before I realized what true comedy was meant to be. Again, Dan, your show really did change my love of sitcoms and comedy in general. No longer did I enjoy watching the same storylines play out in a familiar fashion each episode. I now loved Community because of its ability to consistently be funny, assume I am not stupid by instructing me when to laugh, and most importantly, its ambitiousness. I can’t think of any other show I have ever seen that was as creative yet comedically brilliant in every aspect. The way you grew the characters throughout the three seasons, the way you always made me laugh and smile at the subtleties at the heart of the show, and the way you made the ridiculous seem possible on a weekly basis gave me hope that quality television can survive in our current television industry filled with crap like Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Dance Moms that apparently people actually find enjoyable. But your show was the first piece to ever give me hope in this pitiful abyss of garbage we call our nightly television routines. In fact, it seemed most outstanding to me in its essence of being so unique, so innovative, and so truly unlike anything else on television that it must survive for the sake of its undeniable, remarkable greatness. However, I was mistaken that incredible TV shows can survive when I found out Community was struggling to attract viewers and was on the verge of being cancelled. It was even more amazing when my friend told me it had been since 2009 before I discovered its greatness! I spent two consecutive 12-hour days catching up on the 2 and a half seasons that I missed, and I do not regret it at all. Those 24 hours were some of the most magical, emotional, and hilarious times of my life, and I thank you, your amazing crew, and the tremendous cast for making that happen. But I watched the show religiously for the past few months and, again, you continued to blow my mind every week. As a devout member of the Community cult, I cannot express my gratitude for what you have done for me and so many other people out there in defending fantastic comedy. I was so enamoured by the show that I had a LeVar Burton-esque shock at the thought of not having a fourth season, but when it was announced my darkest timeline fears were abolished. But those tears of joy of the fourth season pickup and incredible final set of episodes turned into real tears when the seemingly impossible news of your firing broke. As with the entire Community fanbase, I was distraught for several days at the prospect of the man who created not just my favourite show, but arguably the best comedy of all-time somehow being fired from their own show! I initially refused to watch the new season and start a Community boycott to protest your firing. However, then I realized that my efforts would amount to nothing, because the folks at Sony and NBC clearly wanted you gone as showrunner. But you were more than just the creator and leader, Dan, you were the heart of Community, and nothing anyone can say or do should change that. Since my downright refusal to soak in the painful reality of a Harmon-less Community, I have since passed through to the acceptance stage. Why should I punish myself any longer by not even giving the new show a chance by avoiding it like a Larry the Cable Guy stand-up show? After all, even if the new show lacks your genius writing, I owe it to your brainchild, myself, and you to see the show to its very end. Ignoring something will not change what happened, but the least we can face the news and move on. That is what life is ultimately about- accepting to changes and adapting to them. Will the new version of Community be equal to your show? Likely not, but I should not stop watching it altogether. I will still devoutly support the show until the big wigs decide enough is enough and cancel the show. It is very depressing that a show of this comedic genius and creativity will not last much longer, while the other TV “comedies” will live on in the post-Community era. It is really sad that executives do not value the show as much as it deserves and are likely to remove its heart and soul for one more season just to get more profits. But I accept that the unfortunate lack of understanding what is truly comedy gold is something that many people, especially those making the decisions, do not have, and innovative sitcoms like Community will suffer to survive. In a perfect world, Community would have six seasons and a movie, but I accept that the world does not fully appreciate your gift to the world and that all good things unfortunately have to come to an end. Just know that your overwhelmingly supportive fanbase and I will always cherish your TV show that is so beyond good that I am running out of synonyms to express its brilliance! We should be grateful for you making our Thursday nights special for three years, and be thrilled that it miraculously survived for three seasons and we have a, albeit likely toned-down, final season to conclude the epic journey you created and sustained for all the world to enjoy. I will never forget about Jeff Winger, Annie Edison, Britta Perry, Troy Barnes, Shirley Bennett, Pierce Hawthorne, Abed Nadir, Ben Chang, Dean Pelton, and the rest of the crew both on and off the screen captured my heart. If you, Dan, are somehow reading this thank you filled with tears of both joy and heartbreak, just remember how much your fans love you, your writing genius, and your masterpiece of Community. I’m sorry for getting emotional. Words cannot describe how thankful your fans are for continually giving us more laughs and ups-and-downs than a secret trampoline of peace. No matter what people said or did in making your show a cult favourite without selling out for mass appeal, please know that the diehard fans, whom you so vehemently protected and adored by sticking to your vision for three outstanding seasons unlikely to be replicated, will always respect your passion and love what you created for us. Please know that we can all hopefully strive for your level of innovation and passion both in our comedy and in our lives in general so we can protect your brilliance in every aspect of life like how you protected us from the dark abyss of the sitcom world, and quality can not only survive, but thrive. Anyone who criticizes Community is the opposite of Batman. They are the incomprehensible appeal of Glee. They are the acting diversity of Nicolas Cage. They’re Jim Belushi. You, Dan Harmon, are the centre slice of a square cheese pizza. You are the light in a tunnel of faint hope in the fight for genuinely quality television shows. You are the man who changed my life along with millions of other people. You’re not the worst, you’re the best. And don’t you ever let anyone tell you otherwise. I can genuinely say that no TV show has come remotely close to achieving my levels of respect, passion, and love than your wonderful brainchild of Community. So thank you, Dan Harmon, for everything you did for me, and know that you forever touched countless lives for 30 special minutes each Thursday night on your successful quest for making arguably the best sitcom ever!

Sincerely, and thanks once more!

Jon Willemsen- Ottawa, ON, Canada

Thank you

Thanks you, you are an amazing Human Being, a true innovator, and in my eyes, the best thing that has happened to television in a long time. Take care, it’s a scary, Chang filled world out there.

Isabella Spence, London UK.

Thank You Dan Harmon

Thank you Dan Harmon for the funniest, best-written, and most enjoyable show on television. You did such a good job creating and developing characters that while complex, were ultimately relatable and realistic. The storytelling on Community is done so beautifully and I truly have never seen any show like it. This show is simply in a league of its own. Thank you so much for 3 fantastic seasons sir. Your show has made my life better. You are the opposite of the opposite of Batman. 

Kiara Boston, MA  

Thank You!

Thank you so much Dan Harmon for giving us the gift of Community for the last three years! You will be missed more than you will ever know!

Community is something special. There is something beautifully honest about the show and it’s characters. First time I’ve connected with a show so much. Thanks for 3 great seasons and a ton of great characters. Thank you Dan.

Jack Milson, Hull, UK


Community is one of my favorite shows ever in the world ever. I quote it a lot even though none of my friends watch it (they think I’m annoying). It just makes me so happy and it’s one of the things I look forward to.. just… in life… 

Anyway, thanks so much! You are indeed cool (coolcoolcool).

Ever so sincerely and with endless gratitude, 

Marina, New York City


Thanks man


when i first tuned into community, i remember watching the last minute bit during the end credits. it was Troy and Abed doing impersonations of the people behind the glass. i thought that was hilarious! after that i’ll admit i needed MORE, asap, so i illegally downloaded the first season. after that i had fallen in love, with a tv show. i never thought that could be possible. i heard other people claiming the same for their respective shows, but i always thought they were exaggerating. the very next day i head out and purchase the first two seasons. went online and bought some merch, read up on EVERYTHING Community. I watched every episode twice and twice more with the commentary. I was there when season three was announced, when the show went in hiatus, and when it ended strong. Hell the show even got me into The 88’s! I know you will no longer be a part of the show, but i just wanted to thank you for having an impact on me.

Thank You.

Your Show is the Best Thing on T.V.!

Dear Mr. Harmon,

I absolutely love your show Community. I first heard of it towards the end of last year from a friend, but I never bothered to watch it. How foolish I was! Another friend got me into watching it and I became an instant fan. I watched the first two seasons and all the way up to the current episode of season three at the time, in a matter of a few days.

Outside of Community I am a huge fan of Donald Glover’s work in music, so it was with ease I fell into the awesome dreamatorium of Troy Barnes along with his accomplice Abed Nadir. Their characters are by far my favorite on T.V. today. Their constant wit and quotes, which my friend and I both love repeating to each other, are hilarious each and every episode. This is not to say I don’t like any of the other characters. I absolutely do! Each one of Community's characters have their own moments; I went in for Troy, I went out loving each and every one of them. 

I was crushed when I heard you were no longer writing for the show. With out your talents, I do not know if the show can be the same. I was even further crushed when I heard  Community is ending after a short fourth season! I just hope these 13 episodes will be the best one ever. All i ask of the new writers is to allow me to end watching the show with the most amazing feeling ever. I know I will continue being a fan even after it ends, and will always enjoy re-watching the episodes and laugh at every hilarious moment it has to offer. 

From the moment I finished watching S03E22 “Introduction to Finality” and saw the #sixseasonsandamovie hash tag, I instantly made a twitter fan account, in hopes I can do my part to maybe bring the show back. All of my tweets consist of a quote or a Community related topic followed by #sixseasonsandamovie. I won’t link my account because I do not want to gain followers from this, but I do leave you with this Mr. Harmon: 

"Six seasons and a movie!’ - Abed. a.k.a Inspector Spacetime"

From the fan base North of the border,

Mackenzie Bell, Toronto Canada


Thanks dude. You brought it and you brought it hard, I never had a problem with any of the eps, and I’m sorry to hear you’re going. Stay frosty!

Love and more love to Dan Harmon

To Mr Harmon, 

I won’t address you with the familiar because I don’t know you, but I wish I did.  I would like to tell you that Community for me has not only been entertaining and riotously funny television viewing but from a young screenwriters point of view a lesson on how to write compelling television. 

Last year, as I was studying screenwriting and the hero’s journey, I had people telling left, right and center that I should be watching Community. “He manages to put the hero’s journey into each show.” Of course, me being me, I ignored their repeated pleas and sank into season one of Game Of Thrones. I’m no snob, just lazy and penniless. As fate would have it, my younger brother, wearing his own handmade Community merchandising  (coolcoolcool slogan, felt marker on kmart t-shirt) handed over a dvd. I spent three days watching the first and second season and the rest is history.

In my opinion, Community is the greatest comedy to emerge in the last twenty years. I have a great love and effection for the show, but studying the strucutre of each of the episode from an analytical point of view has been an invaluable lesson for myself. Holding myself up to Dan Harmon standard has made me a better writer. I have always aspired to write films but seeing the way Community is made and also my love for the show has given me the direction to focus on television writing and confidence to delve head first into writing my own pilot.

It is a damn shame, you won’t be showrunner this year. Emily Cutler summerised it perfectly when she tweeted ‘There is no Community without Dan Harmon’. 

Much Love. Good writing. 

Stephanie Phillips, Melbourne Australia

Commmunity Has Made Me A Better Person

Thank you Dan Harmon for the beautiful work that is Community.  The realness and relatability of the characters you created shines through every episode, even when they are moved about genres and situations.  It is this realness of character that changed who I am because I watched this show.  

 As characters grow and change, I find myself affected and wanting to change myself.  Annie realizing that she was in love with the idea of being loved help me realize the same of myself.  Troy’s realization in the Season two Halloween episode the he doesn’t need to pretend to be something he is not has encouraged me to try and be the same.

 The constant reminders to cherish those you have as they are are probably the most impacting to me. After marathoning the first two seasons, that lesson really resounded within me and I sought to repair relationships with people whom I had not cherished and appreciated in the past.  

 Thank you Dan, for the amazing characters you made, and the incredible, mazing, intelligent, innovative and daring show that they are a part of.  Your work has changed me for the better, and I will always be grateful to you for that gift.

Q, San Diego 

There haven’t been many sitcoms that I looked forward to each week like Community.  I’ve tried to tell everyone I know to watch it, I’ve bought episodes on Amazon, and bought a bunch of swag on the NBC store.  If I could do more, I would.  I really love your show.  It’s too bad you’re no longer associated with it, but at least we have what we have, and I will cherish those episodes dearly.  Remedial Chaos Theory was my ALL TIME favorite.  I did something I’ve never done before with a sitcom: watched it twice in a row.  And then, I watched it again with my son the next day.  The true genius of that episode is mind blowing.  THANK YOU.